3 Unique Ways To Memorialize Your Loved One On A Headstone

If your loved one has passed away, after the funeral, you have an opportunity to memorialize them for many years with the headstone that you choose. Traditionally, a headstone will feature the dates of birth and death, along with the person's name. There might be a verse included or perhaps a phrase like "we loved you, mom." There's nothing wrong with this traditional approach, but what if you are looking for something more unique? Here are a few ideas for memorializing your loved one in a less mainstream way.

1. Include lyrics

Is there a song that your loved one always used to sing? Or perhaps they had a song that was played at their wedding that meant a lot to them. Having an excerpt from the lyrics of this song engraved on their headstone is a brilliant way to memorialize them. Make sure the lyrics you choose are meaningful in and of themselves and give credit to the lyric writer. For example, you could have printed "I'll be the greatest fan of your life." -- Edwin McCain. This way, others who visit the tombstone will realize the statement is song lyrics and will know who wrote it.

2. Inscribe a picture

Tombstone manufacturers can typically carve a simple picture into the stone if you request it. They probably won't want to do a detailed portrait of John Lennon, but a simple outline of a flower for someone who loved gardening or a dog for someone who loved pets is feasible. You can easily have a big picture printed right under the name and date, where it would serve as the focal point of the headstone, or you can include a small image next to the name where it looks cute and inconspicuous.

3. Include a classic saying

Think of the phrases your loved one used to say again and again. Maybe they always said, "Well, I'll be!" or "That's just the way it is!" Have such a phrase included on the headstone. Every time you or someone else who is close to them see the saying, they will hear the deceased saying that classic phrase in their mind. That's very reassuring and can help you remember them as time passes.

If you are still unsure how to memorialize your loved one on their headstone, talk to the tombstone maker. They can let you know what has worked well for previous customers. For more information, contact a company like Memorial  Art Monument.