Ways To Demonstrate That You're Not A Flight Risk During The Bail Process

One of the common reasons that a judge will refuse to grant you bail is if he or she deems you to be a flight risk. This means that the court is concerned that soon after you're out of custody, you'll flee the area with the plan of not showing up for your upcoming court dates. In order to get bail with the help of a bail bonds agency, you'll generally have to demonstrate that you aren't a flight risk. There are a number of ways that you can accomplish this goal, including the following.

Detailing Your Finances

A person's financial health is instrumental in determining if he or she might be a flight risk. If you have limited financial resources, make sure that you get this message across during your bail hearing. This isn't a time to withhold any details that might help your cause. For example, you could tell the court how little money you have to your name and how you don't have much in the way of assets that you could quickly liquidate. Don't exaggerate in this regard, but if you're in a bleak situation, make sure that this is clear.

Explaining Your Lack Of Connections

An individual with limited financial resources can still be a flight risk if he or she has family members or friends with money. If this isn't the case in your situation, make sure that the court understands your lack of connections of this type. You'll have to get personal here, but don't shy away from telling the truth. For example, perhaps you were arrested for a drug-related offense. In many cases, addiction will alienate addicts from their family and friends, so if this is the case — and there's little chance of someone giving you money to flee — make this clear.

Stressing Your Travel Inexperience

Although you don't have to travel abroad to be a flight risk, the general consensus about someone who flees is that he or she likely isn't going to stick around town. It may be useful to talk about your lack of travel experience. For example, if you've never been outside of the state, this is a detail that is worth mentioning; someone who hasn't ventured beyond the state lines is less likely to attempt to do so than someone who is a frequent traveler.

Should you be able to convince the court that you aren't a flight risk, you'll be able to succeed in getting bail. For more information, contact a local bail bonds company like Abel Bail Bonds