Things To Look For When Buying An Arcade Basketball Machine

When looking for an arcade basketball machine, there are several factors to consider when choosing the best one for your game room, rec room or home arcade.

  • Size - The height, width, and depth of the arcade basketball machine is a critical aspect to consider when looking to purchase one. If it won't fit in the space available, it's going to be a poor choice. Consider not just the physical size of the machine, but also how people will be able to move around it when its set up, and where the players will stand and shoot from. Also, the height needs to be a bit lower than the ceiling since many players have more arc on their shots.
  • Number of Hoops - Hoop numbers range from one to three, and if the machine is likely to see much use, a three-hoop machine is probably best. A single hoop machine may be sufficient, but it precludes any one-on-one games, which are almost always great fun.
  • Construction Materials - Look for machines made from heavier steel to make sure that it will stay together and fun for years to come. Lighter weight aluminum construction is an option but can easily bend or dent. Lighter steel is unacceptable, as rust and damage will quickly take their toll.
  • Collapsible - Bigger basketball machines are usually a bit more fun but can be difficult to manage in smaller spaces. However, if the machine collapses or folds up, it can provide the best of both worlds, a fun gaming experience with a big play area and more room to maneuver when not being used.
  • Scoring - More advanced machines have electronic scoring systems along with countdown clocks and sound effects. This is a feature you're likely going to want to splurge on. Not only does it reduce friendly arguments, but it also makes one-on-one shootouts all the more fun since no one has to keep score manually.
  • Basketballs - Each arcade basketball machine will come with a certain number of small basketballs for use with the game. While it may be tempting to take this into account and look for one that has more balls included, additional basketballs are an easy an inexpensive purchase, so this factor should be considered last. No reason to sacrifice on durability or playability for the sake of a few extra basketballs.

There are many arcade basketball machines on the market, and the above should all be weighed carefully when selecting the proper one for you. For more information, contact a company like Birmingham Vending Company.