3 Situations When You May Want To Spring For White Glove Delivery

When you need to move regular items, pretty much any moving service will do the trick because they are capable of handling your items and transporting them in a safe way. However, there are certain times in life when the item or items you are transporting need a little extra care and attention. White-glove delivery services are available for times like this. White gloves in the service industry signify respect, cleanliness, and superior service. Therefore, items transported with a white-glove delivery service get carefully packaged, transported, and then unwrapped or set up upon delivery. Here are a few examples of when white-glove delivery services would be a good idea. 

You're having a piece of your own artwork delivered for a showing.

Whether you are a sculptor who creates magnificent works of wonder or an artist who uses a brush to create a masterpiece, there may come a time when your work will be on display to share with the public. Most galleries do hold the artist responsible for getting their pieces delivered to the gallery before the showing, which means you may be faced with hiring a moving company to transport your item. For such a special and valuable piece, you will want to spring for white-glove services because you can rest assured your artwork will arrive in the exact condition it left you in. 

You're having a special gift delivered to someone and you want to make an impression. 

Maybe you have purchased a magnificent piece of furniture, artwork, or another expensive gift for someone in your life, but you cannot personally deliver it. If this is the case, seeking out a white-glove delivery service is a smart move. This specialized service will not only ensure the item being transported is handled with absolute care, but the gift recipient will also be handled with the utmost courteousness. 

You're having an expensive family heirloom relocated. 

Your grandmother's wardrobe, the glass sculpture your father left behind for you, or that piano your mother played countless tunes on are all examples of family heirlooms that mean a great deal to their owners. If you are having something with sentimental value moved, you want it brought to the new location and handled with the respect and care it deserves. A white-glove delivery service is specifically created for people who truly care about what it is being moved and understand just how important it is to treat these items with delicate handling. 

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