What Can You Reward Your Retail Store's Loyalty Program Customers For?

Implementing a loyalty program within your retail store can be great for business. Of course, different programs reward their customers in different ways. These are some of the things that you can use your loyalty program to reward your customers for.

Referring Others

For one thing, you may want to reward your customers for referring others to your business. After all, this is a great way for you to bring in more people who might be interested in buying your retail store's products since word-of-mouth advertising does still work quite well.

Opening Your Email Newsletters

If you send out email newsletters for your customers, you might worry that a lot of customers just delete them rather than reading them. If you offer rewards within your emails for your loyalty program customers, such as small coupons or other perks, you can help encourage more people to pay attention to what you are sending out.

Visiting Your Social Media Pages

You may also want to encourage your customers to visit your social media pages. One good way to do so is to offer small perks on your social media pages that your loyalty program customers can take advantage of. Again, small coupons can be the perfect addition.

Purchasing a Certain Number of Items

Many loyalty programs track the number of items that a customer has purchased from a business. One good option is to reward your customers for making a certain number of purchases from your business. For example, after a customer purchases 10 items from your retail store, you may want to offer a coupon for a certain amount off of the customer's next purchase. This can be a good way to thank your customers for their business and to encourage them to keep returning to you to make more purchases.

Spending a Certain Dollar Amount

Lastly, you can use your retail store's loyalty program to reward customers who spend a certain dollar amount within your business. For example, after customers spend $100 or another pre-set amount with your business, you may want to offer a nice reward. Again, this is a good way to encourage customers to return to your business and to thank them for their purchases.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can reward your retail store loyalty program customers for. You can pick and choose what types of rewards you would like to offer based off of what you think will work well for your business. Luckily, there are also loyalty program management companies out there that can help you create and run the best loyalty program possible. Consider working with one of these companies to get ideas and insight.