5 Ways To Effectively Find New Clients For Your Business

Every entrepreneur knows there are risks involved in starting a business, although the exact percentages and failure rates are difficult to pinpoint. Regardless of what the exact numbers are, there is one thing that can easily cause a startup business to fail within the first several years—no customers! If you are getting ready to launch a business or are struggling with keeping your business afloat due to lack of customers, here are five things to do.

Optimize Your Website

Even if your business is appointment-based, a website can help immensely. You can provide much-needed information via a website and connect the website to a blog and your business's social media accounts. The most important things to do is to incorporate a lead generator into your website and optimize your website with search engine optimization. Hire an internet marketing company to develop a website with a lead generator and optimize your website so customers find you. Also, if you have an appointment-based service, offer online appointment making capabilities for the ease of your potential clients. You'll need to ensure that your website and blog are mobile device capable as well. That way, your clients can easily browse while on the go. 

Have an Appointment Setting Campaign

An appointment setting campaign is an excellent way to reach new clients and to call old ones. However, leave this one to a professional service, especially if you are concerned about getting tongue-tied in anticipation or from anxiety, particularly when making cold calls. You can have an appointment setting campaign weekly, monthly, or seasonally, whatever suits your business needs the best. Hopefully, you've had some response from the lead generator of your website, but don't worry if you don't have many or any contacts yet. Just make sure the appointment setting service is updated regularly when there are new leads from your website. 

Publish a Press Release 

A press release can help you gain clients by giving them information about your business and directing them to your website. There are several online agencies that handle and publish press releases, but it's a good idea to have the press release published in your local newspapers, especially if your client base is mostly the elderly who may not be very computer savvy. Of course, this also means you should definitely consider including your business phone number in the press release. Press releases can be published as often as you need. 

Attend a Trade Show 

Another way to find new clients is to set up a booth at a local trade show. If you are not familiar with what it takes to set up an eye-appealing booth, hire a trade show booth designer. If that's not an option, attend other similar trade shows beforehand so you can determine what you need to do and what to avoid doing to have a successful show. For your trade show, definitely have printouts and brochures with your website information that potential clients can take home with them. More importantly, take their names and contact information to add to your lead generation list for your appointment setting campaigns. 

Cross Promote

Cross promote your business with another business in your local area that has the same (or similar) client base. An example of this is a floral boutique cross promoting with a tuxedo rental shop or a car wash cross promoting with an audio system installer. You may be able to find other businesses to cross promote with at the trade show. You can also join a local business networking group to meet other entrepreneurs in your area and find someone willing to cross promote in the group.