Create Believable Characters With Clothing And Props

If you are a college drama teacher and your class will be putting on a production that is about financial losses and gains, having realistic costumes and props is essential -- especially if you want the audience to be captivated by a strong storyline and believable characters. Use the tips below to help you pull off this feat.

Purchase Clothing From A Secondhand Store

If you are trying to create the illusion that the individuals are struggling financially at the beginning of the play, purchase clothing from a secondhand store for cast members to wear. Tattered sweaters, ill-fitting pants and skirts, and shoes that are scuffed and have seen better days will set the tone for the beginning of the play and provide the impression that the cast of characters are surviving off a meager amount of money.

Instruct your students to wear a minimal amount of makeup and to opt for simple hairstyles that do not contain any styling products so that audience is convinced that the characters are struggling. 

Buy Prop Money And Use It In Various Scenes

Prop money is an essential item to use throughout the play if your students will be acting in scenes that depict a character receiving a windfall or finding money laying along the street. Money can also be used during scenes that involve a bank or grocery store.

Prop money is designed to look like the real deal and can be purchased in stacks or loose bills. If you would like to fill up some suitcases with a large sum of cash, purchase several stacks of money that come in a wide range of denominations.

If some of the characters will be responsible for exchanging money with others throughout the play, have the students practice counting the money during drama class. This way they can count the money with precision on the day that the play is premiering, and it won't seem awkward or stilted as they complete a financial transaction. 

Do not worry about the prop money being mistaken for real cash. Fortunately, all bills have words printed on them that specify the money is not real and is only meant for use in films, television, photography, or a similar activity. This will ease your mind about your purchase if you were initially concerned that a student or faculty member would see the cash, take it, and attempt to pass it off as real money outside of the college.

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