3 Ways A Paper Shredding Service Helps Your Business Prevent A Data Breach

With so much focus on preventing electronic data breaches, it is easy to overlook the importance of utilizing the appropriate safeguards for physical documents. One way you can keep your physical documents safe is to hire a paper shredding service. Here are a few ways that a paper shredding service will help your business secure its physical data.

1. The Shredding Service Keeps You Keep Sensitive Information Under Lock and Key

At the end of the business day, have your employees deposit any papers or files with sensitive information into the designated receptacle for documents that need to be shredded. While you wait for your shredding service to make its regular pickup, you have the assurance that the documents are inaccessible by anyone who may wish to access your company's private information.

You can choose how often you want your paper shredding service to empty your container. One option is to wait until the container is full before you schedule a pickup, or you may opt for regular pickups. Just make sure you have the container emptied before it gets too full, or you may not have a secure spot for your documents.

2. Shredding Services Uses Established Shredding Techniques to Destroy Your Documents

There are multiple ways that you can shred a document. One option is vertical shredding. Vertical shredding does destroy the document, but it is fairly simple for a criminal to reassemble the document and access its information.

A more effective alternative is cross-cut shredding. Cross-cut shredding uses two perpendicular blades to transform a document into pieces the size of confetti. At this point, it is practically impossible to reproduce the document.

Look for a shredding service that offers cross-cut shedding. Should a criminal access your documents after their destruction, you can breathe easy with the knowledge that the documents were properly destroyed. 

3. Chain of Custody Tracking Means That You Know Where Your Documents are in the Shredding Process

A number of paper shredding services employ what is commonly known as "chain of custody" tracking. This means that from the moment the company takes possession of your documents, you know exactly where they are and what their shredding status is. Many businesses like having the ability to track their documents' whereabouts during the shredding process.

Once a load of documents are shredded, the shredding service can provide you with a certificate of destruction. The certificate of destruction acts as proof that your documents were properly destroyed. For more information, contact a company like SK Paper Shred.