Tips For Being Polite To The Receptionist Before A Job Interview

When you visit a company for a job interview, the first person to whom you speak will commonly be the receptionist. Even if you're focused on the interview itself, you want to avoid being curt or rude with the receptionist. Not only could the hiring manager be listening to this interaction in a nearby office, but he or she could also ask the receptionist for his or her thoughts on you after you depart. Being friendly, polite, and professional with the receptionist may actually make a difference in your hopes of landing the job. Here are some tips to follow.

Greet In A Proper Manner

While you might have the urge to simply approach the receptionist and state that you're here for a job interview, this could seem a bit curt. There are a couple ways to greet the receptionist in a polite and friendly way. One is to ask the person how his or her day is going before you indicate the purpose of your visit, and the other is to explain who you are, why you're there, and then ask the receptionist how his or her day is going. Either approach is fine, as long as you do so in a friendly manner. For example, you might say, "That's a beautiful spring day, isn't it?" And then, after the receptionist responds, you could say, "My name is Alison Martin, and I'm here for an interview with Laura Willingham."

Don't Fuss Over Delays

Sometimes, the receptionist will tell you that the hiring manager is running late. This can often happen if he or she is interviewing numerous people in a row. The wrong response is to act inconvenienced by perhaps sighing, rolling your eyes, or saying that you're on a tight schedule. Always respond to this news in a positive manner. For example, you could say," That's absolutely no problem. I'll just grab a seat here and be ready whenever he or she is ready for me."

Assess The Receptionist While You Wait

In an effort to seem friendly, you might want to make small talk with the receptionist while you wait. This conversation may also be helpful for calming your nerves. However, you should always assess the situation. If the receptionist is busy typing or organizing files, your words may be a distraction. This can send a bad message. However, if he or she initiates conversation with you, it's an invitation to exchange pleasantries that may send a positive message about you right away.

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