Things To Know Before Buying Your Partner An Engagement Ring

If you are looking to buy your partner an engagement ring, there are a few things that you will need to know. If you can snoop around or ask your partner's friends or family members these questions, you can help ensure that you are fully prepared when you arrive at the jewelry store.

Ring Size

First of all, it's a good idea to know your partner's ring size before you start shopping for an engagement ring. Of course, if you do get the ring size wrong, your partner can always take it back to the jeweler to be resized. However, you will probably both want for the ring to fit properly when you propose, and finding out about your loved one's ring size beforehand can help you make sure that this is the case. Also, if you help ensure that the ring size is as close as possible to your loved one's actual ring size, you can help prevent problems when the resizing is done.

Preferred Metal for Jewelry

Some people like to wear jewelry of all types, but others have a preferred metal. If this is the case for your partner, buying the ring in the same metal that they normally wear can help you ensure that they like the ring and that it matches the rest of their jewelry. Therefore, you will probably want to notice if your loved one normally wears gold, white gold or another metal.

Preferred Jewelry Style

A lot of people have preferred jewelry styles. Some prefer flashy, dazzling jewelry, while others prefer something that is a bit more simple. Some like modern, trendy jewelry, while others prefer more classically styled pieces. Some people even prefer to wear vintage or antique jewelry when possible. Getting an idea of the type of jewelry that your partner normally wears can help you choose a piece that they will fall in love with when you propose.

Favorite Gemstone

Lastly, you will want to know about your partner's favorite gemstone. The traditional choice is a diamond, and for many people, this is a great choice. If your loved one prefers another gemstone, however, you may want to choose a ring with that gemstone rather than a diamond. Another option is to choose a ring that has a diamond but that also has other accent stones. This will allow your partner to wear a traditional diamond while also wearing their favorite stone.

Keep these tips in mind when buying engagement jewelry.