Tips For Planning An Amazing 50th Birthday Bash Quickly And Easily

If you've decided to throw a big bash for your mom or dad's 50th birthday this summer, then you are likely feeling overwhelmed with all of the party themes, decorations, and food options you find online. This is a completely normal experience and you really shouldn't let it deter you from enjoying the party planning process.

Thankfully, once you start narrowing down the options and following the tips listed below, you will quickly plan a party your parent will talk about for years to come.

Party Planning Tip: Secure a Location for the Party Before Anything Else

Since the location where you host the party will determine how much room you have for decorations and how you should best set things up, you absolutely must secure the party's location before shopping for anything else. 

Once you have put down a deposit on the space or made arrangements to use a space, then walk around the area and decide where you want to place decorations. For example, you may need:

  • buffet table decorations or centerpieces
  • wall banners
  • flowers
  • balloons

If the party's location is intimate or will have a lot of people in a smaller area, then you need fewer decorations. Too many decorations in a small space causes view obstructions and tripping hazards. However, if the party space is very large, then you should fill it with lots of balloons and other inexpensive festive decorations to make it feel more intimate.

Party Planning Tip: Decide on The Theme and Order Some Custom-Printed Invitations

After you have secured a location for the party, then it's time to decide on the theme and order some custom-printed invitations. You can order them online and even have the invitations sent directly to your attendees. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Party Planning Tip: Find a Caterer and Order the Decorations

Now that the party has a location, attendees, and a theme, it's time to kick the planning into high-gear. If you plan to have the birthday party catered, then you need to find a local caterer and make those arrangements.

Finally, you need to order the decorations for the 50th birthday party. If you will be ordering large banners or other custom-printed items, then ordering as far ahead as possible is always best. This ensures that if there are any issues with things you order, you can work with the supplier so everything is perfect on the day of the party.

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