Qualities To Look For When Choosing Shredding Companies

If you've done preliminary research into a shredding company for your business document shredding needs, you've probably discovered a fair amount of competition. With something as important as document destruction and security, it is important to make the right call when choosing a document shredding service. These are a few of the important qualities to seek when you choose the service to handle your document shredding needs.

Industry-Specific Knowledge

Laws related to documents, how long they must be maintained, and how they must be destroyed vary from state to state as well as from industry to industry. It's important to work with a shredding service that has experience dealing with document shredding specific to your location and your industry. Considering that roughly 70 percent of data breaches in healthcare technology and business management involve paper documents or electronic devices containing sensitive, identifying, and/or financial information, industry-specific knowledge of document regulations is essential for protecting your organization.

Proper Security Measures

Your documents contain sensitive information about your employees, customers, patients, and so on. Protecting that information is a huge responsibility, and one you should not trust to just anyone. Make sure the document shredding service you choose conducts extensive background checks on their staff and that they have protocols in place to identify themselves as part of their organization and offer guarantees and safeguards related to how, when, and where your documents are shredded.

The Latest Equipment

From the secured containers used to transport your documents to the shredders used to destroy them, it is important that the shredding company you choose utilizes the latest tools, equipment, and technology to safely and effectively destroy the documents you've entrusted to their care. The containers and vehicles must be in good mechanical condition and the shredders need to be properly maintained so that breakdowns related to maintenance are not a risk when shredding your documents. Don't forget about other media that may need to be destroyed.

Environmental Focus

In addition to focusing on security, technology, and legislative compliance, you also want to choose a shredding agency that focuses on the planet as well. This means you should choose one that recycles the shredded documents. It's not just about safeguarding the planet. It's about adding yet another layer to the security of the process. Recycling shredded paper is generally a no-no for typical recycling machines. However, most commercial recycling companies that offer recycling have special machines for recycling. These machines won't get overwhelmed when recycling shredded papers, allowing the information on the pages to be fully destroyed.

Professional document shredding services offer your business many layers of protection when it comes to safely destroying sensitive information you are no longer required to keep. These qualities are among the most important to look for when choosing your shredding service. Contact businesses like ShredQuick for more information.