Three Things Architectural Coatings Add To Your Building

Architectural coatings are not just a sealant anymore. A wide array of coatings have been created for both indoor and outdoor use. Each of these different types of coatings adds something new and exciting to your building. Here are three things these coatings can add to your building. 


Gone are the flat exterior walls and bland interior walls. There are texture coatings of all kinds, from Japanese stucco to Venetian plasters and color washes, meaning you can get so many fascinating textures on your walls. You can even add these textures to the exterior of your building. They add more than just visual sensory experiences, too. Touching each finished coating provides a unique touch sensory experience along with the visual sensory experience. The unique look of many of these coatings also helps your building stand out in a sea of very similar-looking buildings.

Stain- and Mark-Resistant Protection

Kids running around with pencils, markers, and crayons indelibly leave their literal mark on walls. However, when you use a clear architectural coating on walls, the walls become stain- and mark-resistant. Even that glass of red wine accidentally knocked out of your hand and splattered on the wall at the office Christmas party will not stain. Of course, you still have to get a contractor to apply this coating before the stains or marks occur. Otherwise, the clear coating seals in the current stains and marks for good. (If you have some stains on the walls in the building already, consider hiring a professional painter to remove them or paint over them. Then the clear coating applied by architectural coating services technicians will protect the freshly redone walls.)

Sculptural Coatings for Decorative Details

Not many people would think that sculptural would apply to a "coating." However, these "coatings" are used to create a lot of figurative detail on walls. They are essentially "coating" the wall with sculptural details. If you want something really unique and truly extraordinary, the sculptural coatings can create it following designs you have made or following designs that the technicians have made previously. If you want something that has never been done or seen before, ask the technicians who are applying the sculptural coatings to come up with something original and something that applies to the business you run out of this building. You may be really surprised at what they create, and even more pleased with the visual effects of this coating type.

For more information, contact a local architectural coating service.