A Safer Alternative To Alcohol-Based Sanitizers

Safety is imperative when you are working with children, and the products that are kept inside of your daycare facility could have a bearing on each child's life. Cleaning products or air fresheners can be locked up during the day, but what about hand sanitizer? Hand sanitizer is a product that aids in killing germs and may be one of the go-to products that you and your staff members rely upon multiple times each day. Purchase alcohol-free hand sanitizer that can be left out in the open during the times that the center is open.

Alcohol-Based Products Come With Drawbacks

Alcohol-based sanitizing products contain a high level of alcohol, which could be lethal if ingested and could be hazardous if placed near an open flame. An alcohol-free hand sanitizer contains antimicrobials, which will not pose as much of a threat in case of accidental consumption yet will effectively kill germs on the skin.

Because children are inquisitive and might view a bottle of standard hand sanitizer as something that they would like to touch or even taste, it is not practical to leave this type of sanitizer in areas that children frequent. With an alcohol-free product, you can rest assured that you and your workers can effectively eliminate germs without placing anyone in danger. 

Reusable Bottles And Set Areas May Instill Healthy Habits

Even though alcohol-free hand sanitizing products aren't dangerous to use, you still don't want to encourage children to play with the hand sanitizer. Purchase reusable bottles, which are often constructed of a solid-colored plastic, and pour alcohol-free sanitizer into them. Keep each bottle out of reach, but make sure that there is at least one bottle in each room that is inside of the facility so that you and your employees have access to the product throughout each day.

For example, if hand sanitizer is applied after each diaper change, place one bottle of the sanitizer on top of a shelf that is inside of the diaper changing area. If you want to encourage parents to sanitize their hands and the hands of their children upon entering your building, leave a bottle of sanitizer next to the area where each parent signs in their child.

Secure a sign to the front of the table or desk that the sign-in book is located on. On the sign, write that you are encouraging everyone to use the sanitizer and that each person should feel free to help themselves to the product. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers alcohol-free hand sanitizer.