3 Ways Bookstore Owners Can Use Custom Printed Tags

A bookstore does not feature the same price tagging and labels as many traditional retailers. As you put up books for sale, you need to learn ways to get creative with your book designs and features. Help increase sales and draw attention to your store with the use of custom printed tags.

Custom tags come in many shapes and options to help stand out and get used in a variety of ways.

1. Branded Bookmarks

Book readers love to build up collections of bookmarks. Provide guests with complimentary bookmarks in the form of printed tags. A banner tag shape features a long rectangular design that provides an ideal length for a bookmark. Use a custom design to showcase your bookstore logo, store hours, and digital contact information like a website.

When customers use your bookmark, they will see the branding and develop loyalty to your store. Large batches of custom tags will give you a lot of bookmark giveaways for customers of all ages. If you ship out packages, you can toss in a bookmark with every order as well.

2. Book Recommendations

Use custom tags to showcase some book recommendations. Display the tags on shelves of similar content and give shoppers more to explore within the store. For example, in the horror section, you could display a custom-printed tag with "10 Scary Books to Read in the Dark". Customers could even take a copy of the list home with them to refer to in the future.

Use the tags to display employee recommendations as well. You could print out a permanent list or print out a blank "Employee Recommendations" tag with your business logo on the design. Each week, grab a new copy of the tag and fill out some titles you recommend.

3. Pre-Orders & Future Sales

Use custom tags as a pre-order system when guests shop in person. Showcase tags with the printed book cover, a pre-order release date, and a custom barcode to scan the item into your system. Guests can take the tag home and then use it to pick up their book once the title gets released. The visual system offers something tangible the customer can select.

Use the tags next to the register and entice a customer to make a purchase when they cash out with their books in person. Future sales allow you to estimate inventory needs and provide a fun shopping experience.

The more you use custom printed tags, the more you can enhance your store for guests.