Tips For Being Polite To The Receptionist Before A Job Interview

When you visit a company for a job interview, the first person to whom you speak will commonly be the receptionist. Even if you're focused on the interview itself, you want to avoid being curt or rude with the receptionist. Not only could the hiring manager be listening to this interaction in a nearby office, but he or she could also ask the receptionist for his or her thoughts on you after you depart.

3 Ways A Paper Shredding Service Helps Your Business Prevent A Data Breach

With so much focus on preventing electronic data breaches, it is easy to overlook the importance of utilizing the appropriate safeguards for physical documents. One way you can keep your physical documents safe is to hire a paper shredding service. Here are a few ways that a paper shredding service will help your business secure its physical data. 1. The Shredding Service Keeps You Keep Sensitive Information Under Lock and Key

Create Believable Characters With Clothing And Props

If you are a college drama teacher and your class will be putting on a production that is about financial losses and gains, having realistic costumes and props is essential -- especially if you want the audience to be captivated by a strong storyline and believable characters. Use the tips below to help you pull off this feat. Purchase Clothing From A Secondhand Store If you are trying to create the illusion that the individuals are struggling financially at the beginning of the play, purchase clothing from a secondhand store for cast members to wear.

How To Make Your Business A Lean Machine

When it comes to running a business, there are always ways to trim costs and increase your profit margin.  While some low hanging fruit may be apparent, other ideas may only present themselves when you open your thinking to new possibilities.  Sometimes your best option is to consider calling a professional third party who will be in a position to offer you fresh insight from an outside perspective.  Expenses Inventory.  First, you'll want to take an expense inventory.

The Key To Invisibility Or Cloaking: How It Works And Its Potential Applications

Graphene was once a theoretical substance. When graphene was finally able to be made in larger batches, it came about as the result of oxidation. Now there is graphene oxide, a black, inky substance that can be used in printers of both the 2D and 3D kind. It is nearly invisible because when printed, it is only asingle atom wide or thick. Even when layers are created in a 3D printer, the graphene oxide barely becomes visible.